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As you can see by me still posting art, I'm still alive. 

Just haven't been journaling much here. 

But a fair amount of stuff has happened in my life. 

My hands: After lots of disappointment with my specialist, I went back to my GP, who sent me for some further tests, including a neck xray, in which they found some disk narrowing. So she started me on a mild muscle relaxer that I take before bed and it really seems like it's making a difference. The times I've had the worst problems while taking it are when I'm having anxiety attacks -- so, when I'm really tense. I need to go get this looked into further, but we may have a winner. 

My career: I lost my job. Oh, but then, I got a new one. Now, instead of doing packaging design (which I was being asked to make less and less creative) I am working for an upscale spinoff of a grocery chain, creating signs and displays - basically, all the signs and everything in the store are supposed to be hand painted/drawn/written, now, for the first time in years, instead of working digitally, I'm working almost entirely traditionally. Some things about the job are great, some are less so, but that's true of any job. I work with cool people that I like and get to spend most of my day painting and drawing. 
Additionally I am designing the logo for my friend's bookstore (in which she is partnering with Peter S. Beagle because she just manages to meet and become besties with famous authors all over the place) and will be working with a local restaurant company designing tshirts and maybe wall art very shortly. 
And that year and a half long project I was working on, illustrating an animated short? It got finished! If you want to know more and the link to go watch it, you can do that here:…

Not a lot else is new. I have a lot of stuff on a back burner as I'm trying to sort all the stuff I am currently doing, art-wise. Unfortunately, my new job is one that allows me less time to do personal work, which is why, between that and freelance, there has been less from me lately. But I may post some of the environmental art from the animation, and I may start posting some of my work stuff. *shrug* 

My personal life remains nearly nonexistent and unexceptional. 
virnagray Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

I hope your health is improving this year:)

also congrats on your new job:)

str4yk1tt3n Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
Some things are better. Some things less so. But I'm working on finding a balance and ways to make the less good things more good. ^_^
virnagray Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

And that is what is important:)

the balance between the things in our lives that are good and the things that could be better:)

Hope you are having a good weekend:)

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